TouchTrak for Retail & Commerce 
Case Studies

Advanced Survey Technologies
AST, a leading consumer market research firm uses TouchTrak to capture market research data from their network of kiosk locations in shopping malls, airports, and other high traffic locations. AST clients are able to set up and monitor activity and retrieve real-time survey results  through the TouchTrak online dashboard.

SurveysXpress is a marketing research and consumer survey company initially targeting the market research opportunities within the virtual reality world of Second Life. The TouchTrak survey engine was integrated into the Second Life world in order to tap the opinions of more than 1.5 million Second Life residents for the rapid growing number of corporate clients eager to conduct market research there. (See SurveysXpress Demo)

Targeted2020 provides marketing kiosks at high trafic event venues for corporations to assist them in capturing conumer data and direct marketing leads through surveys and contest registrations. Targeted2020 used the TouchTrak engine for all their survey deployments.

TouchTrak is a feature rich application for a wide variety of business and commerce applications. Some of the many uses include:

  • Product self ordering
  • Customer check-in
  • Self service appointment setting
  • Market research surveys 
  • Customer loyalty programs 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Shopping mall wayfinder 
  • Catalog shopping 
  • Exhibitor service ordering system for trade shows 
  • Membership or credit enrollment
  • Contests and giveaways at events 

Commerce specific features

There are many built-in features within the TouchTrak application that was built specifically for the needs of healthcare providers. These features are in addition to the standard features:

Self-service interface components:

  • Product catalog with shopping cart
  • Building directory
  • Integrated with credit card payment 
  • Loyalty program enrollment 
  • Random prize giveaway
  • Demographic data collection with address and email validation
  • Integrated with receipt / coupon printer 
  • Integrated Digital photo capture
  • Appointment setting interface with receipt printer
  • Wayfinder display for helping customers locate
  • Seamless integration with web sites
  • Multimedia display screens
  • Biometrics fingerprint enrollment and ID

Remote Monitoring Dashboard:

  • Manage unlimited locations over the Internet 
  • Track activity at each location in real time 
  • Activity reports
  • Retrieve survey results in real time
  • Schedule and run multiple surveys at the same location 
  • Remotely update content 
  • Shows all location on a map indicating any units that are down 

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