TouchTrak for Healthcare 
Case Study

Radius Wellcare
Radius Wellcare is a mult-disciplinary alternative medicine parctice in Florida with 15 practitioners. Radius uses TouchTrak for patient scheduling, self-service check-in, and the TouchTrak practice managment features.

Card reader for ID

Self-service Appointment
Check-in: Where does it hurt
Where Does it Hurt Screen
Hospital Wayfinder Kiosk
Wayfinder Screen
Patient Queue
Patient Queue
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Calendar
Practice Management Report
Financial Performance Report

TouchTrak has been well adapted for healthcare applications. Example uses of the TouchTrak self-service solution for healthcare include:

  • Rapid patient registration and/or check-in
  • Self-service appointment scheduling
  • Patient health history
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Hospital wayfinding
  • Informed consent
  • Patient education
TouchTrak will easily integrate with your existing core back-end application using XML, HL7, web service and other standard data exchange protocols using the ClearSpan interface engine. This interface engine is currently being used in over 2000 hospital and general practice facilities in the US and UK.

Healthcare specific features

There are many built-in features within the TouchTrak application that was built specifically for the needs of healthcare providers. These features are in addition to the standard features:

Self-service interface:

  • Biometric fingerprint patient identification
  • HIPAA and consent forms with electronic signature
  • PatienTrak smart card portable health record reader
  • Document scanner for health insurance cards & driver's license
  • "Where does it hurt" body part selector
  • Appointment setting interface with receipt printer
  • Wayfinder display for helping patients find their way in your facility
  • Health history forms
  • Instant Medical History interviews patients
  • Collect Co-payments by credit card

Patient Queue:

  • Patients queue up on the queue as they check in
  • One-click view of patient record data
  • Patient record includes complete demographics, insurance and all transaction data
  • Easily integrates with your existing EMR and practice management software
  • Tracks patient wait times and staff workflow
  • Pop-up alerts to notify staff about special patient needs as they check in
  • Now-serving screen in waiting room alerts patient when they are ready

Appointment Scheduling:

  • Patients queue up on the queue as they check in
  • Schedule multiple back-to-back appointments with different practitioners
  • Schedule resources such as X-ray, lab, medical equipment, conference rooms, etc.
  • Prints appointment reminder for patient
  • Search for available appointments by:
  • First available
  • First available at a specific time range
  • Specific date
  • First available on a specific day of the week
  • Schedule standing appointment
  • Schedule special package
  • Interface allows for easy moving, editing or cancelling appointment
  • Tracks who set the appointment
  • Appointment calendar:
  • View daily, weekly, monthly appointment calendar
  • View past appointments showing no-shows
  • List appointments by practitioner or treatment room
  • Set alert footnotes for patient appointments that pop up on the queue the day of the appointment
  • Practitioners can view their appointment schedules over the Internet and on their hand-held device
  • Automatic appointment reminders by email
  • Administrative functions to:
  • Add, edit Treatment schedule for each practitioner
  • Plot the treatment rooms on a facility floor plan (for wayfinding)
  • Setup practitioner and office work schedule and block-out dates & times

Practice Management Features:

  • Point of sale (POS) features:
  • Retail sales of products
  • Cash drawer integration
  • Interface with bar-code reader for scanning products
  • Inventory control
  • Generates patient service invoices
  • Generates superbill and billing reports
  • Tracks all patient visit histories
  • Tracks HIPAA and other documents with electronic signatures and expiration dates
  • Integrated with document scanners for rapid capturing of scanned documents such as insurance card, driver’s license, etc.
  • Stores scanned documents with patient record
  • Integration with 3rd party billing systems
  • Integration with 3rd party EMR systems
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Posting of all receipts and bank deposits
  • Extensive management reports:
  • Daily closing report summaries
  • Revenue by Patient, by Service, by Practitioner, and by grouped service categories
  • Log of patient invoices
  • Comparisons of billed service and expected revenues
  • Breakdown by date ranges for retail and services
  • Listings of patients by Practitioner, Service and retail sales
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